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Quality Control:

Company get ISO9001 quality management system certification, always strictly implement the ISO relevant regulations, from original design, purchasing , incoming material inspection , processing inspection, finished products inspection, packing , shipping processing , all of them are strictly control under ISO requirements, and also with relevant products on the reliability experiment, testing quality for all processing , confirmation , ensure all products are comply with requirements.


Meanwhile,  in order to ensure the product quality stablity, company takes with automatical equipment to replace manpower,  and also purchased a large number of automatic machine, like automatic SMT machine, automatic adhensive dispensing machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic screw locking machine, automatic aging test machine.

Quality  Ensurance.

We have independent laboratory, have professional testing person, equipped with ROHS machine, coordinate measurement machine, light distribution curve testing machine, Intelligent battery testing machine, Vibration testing machine, spectrum analyzer , digital parameter testing machine, infrared thermal imager, salt spray machines, high and low temperature impact testing.